Body Language: Figuration in Modern and Contemporary Art

Tucson Museum of Art
Exhibition: Feb. 25 - July 9, 2017


A group exhibition curated by Dr. Julie Sasse, Chief Curator, Tucson Museum of Art. "This exhibition explores themes of nonverbal communication where facial expressions, body postures, and hand gestures are used to convey meaning."




Building Bridges Across Nations

Museo de Artes de Nogales, Sonora
Exhibition: July 1 - July 31, 2017


A group exhibition curated by Guadalupe Serrano. The U.S. Consulate General Christopher Teal organized exhibition. Fifty-two artists representing both sides of the border contributed artworks for the show.



Construct: Putting It Together

Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery
Pima Community College - West Campus
Exhibition: Oct 28 - Dec 13, 2013


A group exhibition curated by David Andres that examines the way artists use the medium of assemblage, collage and fabrication. 



Judy Miller: Imaginary Dioramas

Tucson Museum of Art 
Exhibition: Oct 9, 2010 - Jan 30, 2011

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Jan/Feb 2011 – Review by Scott Andrews in Art Ltd.

"More often, Miller presents well-known actors, and heightens our expectations for drama by arranging the group as if paused in action. Multiple lighting sources, perspective, all the details are arranged with the fastidious care demanded by major film studios."

"Truly uncanny, they make us distrust our judgment, such that when we look again at the world outside, it’s a comfort." 



Imaginary Dioramas

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art
Kansas City, MO
March 5 - April 24, 2010

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April 15, 2010 Exhibition – Review by Nick Malewski in The Kansas City Star

Quotes from Nick Malewski's review:

"The movies never existed and the settings are improbably, but the images are powerful."

 "More than just proffering famous faces, these photos suggest the entertainment industry's manipulation of perception." 



Open Project: Photography

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art
Santa Fe, NM
February 6 - March 14, 2009

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 April 2009 Cover, THE Magazine and Exhibit Review by Alex Ross:

Quotes from Alex Ross's review:
 "...the artist develops uncanny juxtapositions that defamiliarize and dehumanize celebrity figures."
"...wholly original expressions of absurdist glee." 




Arizona Biennial 2009

Tucson Museum of Art
July 11 - September 26, 2009

Cover Preview Magazine - June - September


Judy Miller's Outtake #14, Lucy 2 was selected to be exhibited in the Arizona Biennial by Tim Rogers, Chief Curator of New Mexico Museum of Art. 

Arizona Daily Star, August 2, 2009, article titled, Arizona Art Contrasts, by Rosalie Robles Crowe includes Judy as one of the 12 Arizona artists to keep your eyes on.