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Constructs is an ongoing series of work that started in 2012 to mimic some earlier collage methods used to construct images prior to using the computer. The process of constructing images is key to the development of image content. This process generally begins with the selection of three or more photographic elements from my vast library of photographs. Elements are often combined within a structured pattern of lines and shapes creating a new ‘textural’ reality that sets the stage for the introduction of more objects and textures. Instead of previsualizing my images when starting a new composition I prefer to stay open to content ‘possibilities’ as they develop through the process of constructing an image.

Wax figures were the catalyst for the early works in the Constructs series (images may be viewed in Transitions Portfolio), using textural patterns to define figure/ground relationships between the figures and their surroundings. Shifting away from the wax figures, my more recent images incorporate a wide variety of subjects photographed in the natural and urban environments as well as kitsch figures (i.e., camouflaged cell phone towers), text as shapes and abandoned or eroded structures. No matter what my subject matter is, I strive to create a plausible reality that only exists in ones imagination, which blurs the distinction between the real and the simulated.

Judy Miller